Technics G-Series

While the Technics Network Audio Amplifier SU-G30 ($4000) is not new (to me), I am always impressed by the sound in the Technics room and my interest in all-in-one devices continues to grow. The SU-G30 puts out 50W into 8 Ohms (double into 4) and its digital processing is based on a 32-bit/384kHz architecture. There are a host of digital inputs including SPDIF (PCM to 24/192), USB (PCM to 32/384, DSD to DSD128), Ethernet (PCM to 24/192, DSD to DS128), WiFi, Bluetooth (including aptX), and AirPlay as well as a MM phono input. All in one.

Inside the G-Series Music Server ST-G30 ($5000) sits a 2.5 inch SATA SSD which is user replaceable is you are a user looking for more than the included 500GB SSD. The CD ripper relies on the Gracenote database for its metadata, which means that Technics has decided to pony up the required licensing fee for access. Outputs include USB (PCM to 32/384, DSD to DSD256) and Ethernet (PCM to 24/192, DSD to DSD256).

Side note: The Technics products are built like tanks and the words "review followup" are surrounded by very large asterisks in my notes. The other word I would really, really like to add to my Technics notes is "Roon".