TAD and Blue Smoke

I always enjoy my visit to the TAD room for two reasons; it always sounds great and TAD Director of Engineering Andrew Jones is always entertaining. And while you'd think these two qualities would be running rampant at a hi-fi trade show, they sadly ain't, in my experience.

The full TAD system used the new Black Box II music server ($3,995 projected price) and the USB to 384/32 Output ($2,995) from Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems. The Black Box II is a fanless design featuring Intel i7/Haswell technology, high-density SSD storage, and 8GB of high-speed RAM. The USB to 384/32 Output device is a USB to S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and I2S converter that can handle DXD and DSD formats. Blue Smoke claims the USB to 384/32 Output delivers "ultra-low (Sub-2 picoscond)" jitter.