T+A PDP 3000 HV

The new T+A PDP 3000 HV CD/SACD Player/DAC ($20,000) supports up to 32/384 and DSD 512 via USB. There's also an AES/EBU and 5x S/PDIF inputs. The 3000 HV is built like a tank ("it is constructed entirely of pure aluminium"), you could probably stand on the CD drawer, but what's even more interesting is the PCM and DSD processing is handled completely separately and each has its own separate output stage via RCA or XLR. That's right, you'll need a preamp, like one from T+A which automatically switches between PCM and DSD inputs, with a pair of inputs to accommodate the PCM and DSD output from the PDP 3000 HV.

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*double entendre intended*

I was fortunate to pick up a brand new T+A Powerplant at 1/3 the MSRP in 2010 from a disillusioned dealer who felt that US distributorship was going nowhere (this was right before Dynaudio picked them up). It is a fantastic piece of kit and I would love to experience some of their newer offerings such as the 3000, but $20K is a little too dear...