T+A MP2000 R MKII Multi-Source Player Arrives


So many boxes.

Black and silver or gold boxes stacked upon one another these days for doing all the different digital dances required for getting those precious bits off your local network drives or from the cloud and into your home.

10/100/1000 wired/wireless router? Check. Music streamer? Check. Server? Check. Laptop or PC? Check. DAC? Check. Preamplifier? Check. iPad or smartphone and remote control to run it all? Check. Amps, speakers… you get the picture.

That’s just for digital music, what about a CD/SACD player for the 1,000+ collection of silver discs you still own but haven’t ripped?


I don’t know about you, but I worry about room for it all.

Streamlining your box count to get something that can do most or all of what the bulk of those separates do is fast becoming the holy grail of digital audio for many.

Not only is it smart from a cohesive/holistic-system standpoint (shorter signal paths, a server/streamer/player/ripper/DAC all designed and voiced to work seamlessly together, minus the loom of wiring needed to connect all the disparate boxes) it can save the end user a lot of money, time and headaches getting everything to play nicely together and sound exactly how you want it to without cable flavoring or component mix-and-matching.

Purists may scoff at anything less than separates (and I’m a fan of separates, but my scoffing is non-existent because I’ve heard how great most of these all-in-one units sound) because a separate, purpose-designed box with a dedicated power supply for each section of the delicate audio-signal path usually means better dynamics, timbral and tonal shading, transient speed and lower-noise-floor playback (to name just some of the benefits), but many of these new “super” digital hubs have dedicated, shielded linear, or switching power supplies for each section of the server/player, preamplifier, DAC and output stage contained in a compartmentalized, heavy-duty alloy chassis designed itself for EMI/RF rejection.

One such unit designed this way is the German manufacture T+A’s MP 2000 R MKII which I’ve just set-up in my system for review.

The company describes it as a multi-source player/universal playback device. It features a full dual-mono circuit topology, XLR/RCA output (along with digital coaxial), USB connectivity for memory sticks or external hard drives, plays CDs with a dedicated transport that handles CD/DA, CD-R, CD-RW, CD Text, a true one-bit DSD512 and 32-bit/384kHz PCM DAC, a gapless-playback UPnP streamer that is certified Roon Ready (TIDAL, Qobuz, DEEZER, etc.), a digital tuner (FM, FM-HD and DAB+), aptX Bluetooth wireless connectivity to receive signals and USB, S/PDIF, LAN, Wireless LAN and coaxial digital inputs along with a hefty remote control.

If you’ve got a laptop, PC or Intel NUC (or Roon Nucleus) you can ethernet-in and run Roon (which I’m currently doing), or you can USB-in via your computer or dedicated music server (which I will also be trying via Aurender N10). It’s all about choice with the MP 2000 as you could even go digital-out and feed your own DAC if you want.

Look for the upcoming review in the near future.

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