T+A MP 3000 HV Multi-Source Player

Germany's T+A was showing off their ruggedly handsome new MP 3000 HV ($12,600) so named because it's part of the new HV "High Voltage" series. The T+A engineers were trying to incorporate what's good about the sound from their vacuum tube components in a solid state design and they found that HV did the trick. The MP 3000 HV Multi-Source Player includes a CD mechanism, streaming client, tuner, and 24/192-capable DAC sporting a USB input and five S/PDIF inputs (2 BNC, 1 Coax, 2 Toslink, and 1 AES-EBU input). There's also an Ethernet input for your LAN connection, Wi-Fi, and S/PDIF, XLR, and RCA outputs.

The flagship HV Series also includes the matching PA 3000 HV ($16,000) integrated amplifier.