T+A elektroakustik launch new Reference CD/SACD Transport and Streamer/DACs

T+A is a German hi-fi manufacturer I’ve heard about, on-and-off, for several years. Known for outstanding sonics, implementing high-quality components, with outstanding fit and finish, the company somehow always seemed to be flying under my radar, but having recently taken delivery of their MP 2000 R MKII multi-source player for review I look forward to hearing it within the context of my system.

It seems that T+A is another company that is still investing in what some may call the past: CDs (not a sentiment I share as I'm avid collector of both vinyl and their smaller silver cousins and believe both will be around for many decades to come). Their new reference-level “purist” CD/SACD disc transport in their PDT 3100 HV ($22,500 USD) seems to be targeted at serious CD collectors.

The PDT transport features a “Linear bearing-guided mechanism carrier block” that is machined out of a 25mm-thick aluminum block, a heavy-duty shielded sub-chassis with three-point suspension and resonance decoupling. The drive mechanism consists of a high-precision linear-tracking unit with double-laser system and optimized speed control for SACD and CD. Outputs are BNC, AES-EBU, Coax, TOSLink and a High-Res IPA Link for dedicated DAC connectivity.

But, they also seem to to be investing in the present and what many consider the future with two high-end Streaming DACs which are spec'd almost identical except for the inclusion of a preamplifier section for the SDV 3100 HV ($37,500 USD). Both it and the SD 3100 HV ($35,000 USD) are capable of handling 32 Bit/768 kHz PCM playback and DSD1024 (49.2 MHz) thanks to a “Double-Differential-Quadrupel Converter” and “DSD: T+A True 1-Bit Analogue Converter.”

The SD/SDV Streamer/DAC models both include a pure Class-A analogue headphone amplifier, dual-mono circuit topologies, AES-EBU, BNC, Coax, TOS-Link, USB/DAC, and USB/host (HDD) inputs, HDMI, Antenna, Lan and W-Lann. Casework and internal framework are machined from 10mm-thick aluminum plates, feature discrete (no op-amps) dual-mono circuit architecture for the digital and analogue stages, galvanic isolation of specific sub-assemblies and PCM and DSD converters are also separate with no ferro-magnetic components used anywhere.

Initial production runs should see these new units shipping in February for European customers and global orders following that.

Press release below

T+A elektroakustik is proud to announce several new products that push current state of the art performance for digital audio conversion and CD/SACD playback. These new digital converter products include completely new, fully optimized and separate decoding architectures for both PCM and DSD, offering capabilities far beyond what is commercially available now and in the foreseeable future – purist native DSD conversion to DSD1024, and the most advanced PCM conversion to 32-bit/768kHz.  

T+A’s HV series has been acknowledged to provide the best of both tube and solid state performance, by utilizing advanced high voltage power supply rails that enable all stages to operate in the most linear and low distortion portion of each device’s transfer function. When combined with completely non-magnetic chassis design, completely separate digital and analog power supplies, true dual-mono and balanced signal paths, thermally optimized control of each gain stage, and zero global feedback, the HV range has gained the respect of music lovers and reviewers worldwide. 

The new transport is a completely new T+A design offering the most advanced native decoding of both PCM and DSD signals without compromise.  Featuring a brand new T+A servo board design and mechanical/electrical/RF isolation beyond any other transport design, this represents a new level of disc playback performance. Together, these products offer performance beyond anything we have seen or tested for all available digital content in any streaming or disc format. 

There are two versions of the new reference PCM/DSD DAC and Streaming Client – one has T+A’s reference HV preamplifier topology built in, for those who do not already own our reference P3000 HV preamp. This version with preamp includes one analog input, so that the system can support a reference level external phono stage in combination with our purist DAC. The other version includes fixed line level outputs, a perfect match for those who own a T+A or other reference level preamplifier.  

These devices will be featured as part of T+A’s demonstration system in the Munich High End show this coming May.  We hope we will see you in Munich.

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About $30,000 overpriced, but they sure have that Dieter Rams vibe working.