Synergistic Research Tranquility Base Follow-Up

Device Type: Active power component conditioner
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.5” x 18.5” x 16"
Weight: 15 pounds
Availability: through Authorized Dealers and Online Retailers
Price: $1,995 /each as reviewed
Manufacturer’s website:

When I reviewed the Synergistic Research Tranquility Base with my MacBook Pro, I was asked how it performed when used with my DAC. I’m now ready to answer this question.

I added a second Tranquility Base for use under my Wavelength Crimson Denominator DAC (see review). I set the Base up using the “Pin-Point” setup for the MIG feet both under the Base and the DAC. Comparing this setup to my Symposium Ultra base with a Grade 3 Rollerblock sandwich, the Tranquility Base sounded very similar to the Symposium/Rollerblock setup. Namely, improvement in definition, air, and soundstage were heard with both the Symposium and Tranquility.

I then turned on the active portion of the Tranquility Base by inserting the Silver Enigma tuning Bullet. All hell broke loose!! The soundstage became holographic in size, definition and focus were enhanced, and bass definition further improved. The noise floor dropped and background silence was simply stunning.

Up to now, I have preferred the Acoustic Revive SP USB cable with my Wavelength Crimson HS. I now find that I prefer the sound of the Audioquest Diamond USB cable when using the DAC with the Tranquility Base. The differences between these two cables seem to have been reduced with the Tranquility, but I do have a preference that is easily heard.

I have also found that it takes about a week for the Tranquility Base to break-in, so I expect improvements to continue as the Tranquility Base has been plugged in for less than a day.

I will be using the Tranquility Base in the future for DACs that I will be reviewing. I am now evaluating the AcousticPlan DigiMaster with Master power supply for AudioStream. All I can say for now is that the DigiMaster loves the Tranquility Base.

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mgoldin's picture

The literature on the Tranqulity Base suggests putting the MIG footers both under the Tranquility Base as well as under the component (DAC, computer etc). Your photo seems to show the MIG footers under the DAC and its power supply but not under the Tranquility Base. Am I viewig your photo correctly?

Steven Plaskin's picture

The MIGs are also under the Tranquility Base, but were not captured in the picture. You are correct that these are important for best sound.