Synergistic Research HFT & FEQ

that little cylindrical metal pimple on the face of the Bose is an HFT

Break out the incredulous powder and apply generously! Synergistic Research debuted their HFT - High Frequency Transducer Technology ($299/5-pack or $75/ea.) and FEQ - Frequency Equalizer Technology ($750) and applied it to the room and a Bose Wave radio. The HRT are tiny baby-fingernail sized metal cylinders that you stick to surfaces with Blu Tack and the FET gets plugged in and just sits wherever you decide to put it. I did try to take some notes during my visit and demo but I write too slowly for Synergistic Research's Ted Denny's thought-to-speak patterns. The only relavant scribble pertaining to these devices that I was able to note (legibly) is that they are "...reactive to all kinds of energy".

the FEQ

According to the literature from Synergistic that was posted on their Facebook page, where I also learned that an old friend I haven't seen for 30 years ate dinner, the FEQ uses "Ground plane technology as found in our Tranquility Bases and PowerCell line conditioners. The FEQ works like a PowerCell and Tranquility Base for your listening room!" And the HFT, "Tunes acoustic, chassis, and speaker cabinet resonance."

The demo consisted of Ted and his assistant removing the HFTs and turning off the FET. Then we listened to just the Bose Wave Radio. Next Ted turned on the FEQ and I noticed the sound coming from the Bose Wave Radio seemed "easier, more relaxed".

Next Ted put back 4 of the HFTs directly on the Bose. "Bigger, sound expands" read my notes. Then Ted stuck 5 HFTs on the wall behind the Bose. "Bigger" is what I had to say. 4 more HFTs were added to the walls and 1 to the ceiling—"better image specificity". Finally 5 more were placed behind us on the wall and I wrote, "more relaxed more focus and clarity". Someone else in the room commented about this last addition, "It felt like pressure was relieved."

That's exactly what happened so that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now it could very well be that Ted Denny is a magician, a hypnotist, or perhaps he's just able to convince us that we're hearing something we're not hearing even though the mechanism by which that would occur would be damn similar to actually hearing something. I sure don't know how these otherwise insignificant looking little things (the HFTs) could affect sound. And while $299 for a 5-pack is relatively affordable by audiophile standards, the cost to price ratio appears to be as generous as liquor prices in Las Vegas nightclubs.

But never mind my brief visit. Our own Steve Paskin will be reporting on the Synergistic HFT and FEQ in detail in the very near future.

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It would be interesting to see a demographic of the market for these products. Very small, very affluent would be my guess. Now as an experiment in applied science, it is interesting. But is it important? And if so, in what sense? I also wonder what motivation was behind the choice of the Bose Wave. A well known name to grab the attention of those who invest in audio but may not be audiophiles? Or a component that many audiophiles would spurn made to sound [somewhat] amazing? Or just the most striking example of the possible improvement through these new technologies? The application of these components in this experiment is, to my mind, clearly excessive and impractical. So what's the point? Did the presenter attempt to address this? Sometimes I truly wonder if in the end it ends up being entertainment for the curious, and marketing for those who, from a perspective of distributive justice, have far too much expendable income. But perhaps I'm missing something. My sense is that the perfromance succeeded in drawing the attention it intended to draw. 

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 The products are "...reactive to all kinds of energy", but isn't that also true of frogs, skyscrapers, porn stars, Congress, helium, and shoehorns?

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...Blu Tacking a porn star to a Bose Wave radio?

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That made me laugh out loud. Nice.

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This reminds me of Ali G interviewing Pat Buchanon about WMD's and BLT's.