Stream Neil Young's Newest, Psychedelic Pill, at 24/192! For Free!

Remember OraStream? Well here's a (nearly) ass-kicking real-world implementation of their streaming technology for ya. I'm (nearly) listening to Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Psychedelic Pill right now streaming at ....kbps! For free! One week before the official on sale date!

Nearly. My guess is traffic has overwhelmed the OraStream service since I've been "Connecting..." for about 20 minutes. I hope I connect to Neil Young soon...

Perhaps this is a further peak into Neil Young's Pono plans but whatever it is, the idea of HD streaming is more than OK by me.

You can (nearly) stream Psychedelic Pill right now in HD for free right here (requires that you download the OraStream plugin).

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Oh Neil. Sigh,

There is no direct link to the forthcoming digital download of the album. And when you finally find it..there is no mention what so ever of what format it will be available in, FLAC, ALAC, WAV???? Or Mp3 only which seems to be the trend.

And if he is so sure about 192 Khz, why no DVD-A or Studio Master download?

Why only a Blu Ray?

I guess if it were not so F****d up it would not be Neil. :)

Looking forward to the album.

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3 downloads, no joy.

1) java

2) Orastream plugin (why isn't the java plugin enough ... ?)

3) Orastream plugin for hi res (why isn't the Orastream plugin ... eh nevermind)

I can stream the other previews at but 'ol Neil's site just shows the email address box still.

The real disheartening thing isn't that the preview is flaky/doesn't work, it's that the 5-side, 3-LP seems to cost $75-$80. I understand it's mastered by Chris Bellman and pressed at Pallas on 180gm, but still that's an eye-opener.

siewteck's picture runs a Java-applet player to decode MPEG-4 scalable lossless codec. As the Java-player is only capable of handling 16/44 audio files, there is a web-socket based (HTML5) hybrid player (400Kb install) to handle up to 24/192 audio files. (Web socket protocol is implemented in Firefox 6, Chrome 14 and IE 10).

Once the HTML5 hybrid player is installed, the Java player is not launched as the former handles both 16/44 and higher res to 24/192 files. The service allows registered users to encode and store high-res files on the cloud with music portability.

There is also a player widget (like the one Neil Young used) to embed the high-res player onto websites and music blogs as well as a streaming music app module for artists to self-publish her own music to Android and iOS app stores.

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Link please. We need to download 2 apps to make this possible?



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Is available on the Neil Young "Psychedelic Pill" page and that link is in the article (but here it is again -

And to clarify, the OraStream app is for streaming the album in 24/192 not for a download.

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Thanks, Michael.

Sorry I didn't quite get it, but maybe because I've been trying to login on that site for the last 10 hours and can't get through. If I do ever get the stream, I'll try and record it in 24/192.

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As evidenced by the comments on this fan site:

Very much hit and miss as to whether or not the plugin ever loads on the site.

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The tutorial on how to install Java should be ignored as it throws most people off, looking at the previous comments - I had java turned off for both my Mac and windows and the streaming still works for me.

Follow the 3 steps and make sure to complete the installation of the OraStream plugin

It also says on the bottom of the page that at least Chrome 16, Firefox 11, IE10 or Safari 6 is required, so make sure you are on one of these browsers

I also found out that it is also not necessary to reinstall the player once you have at least one successful installation. To refresh the page, you need to press to download the installer, even if it has been downloaded previously. Somehow, the page does not allow to refresh in step 3 unless you press to download in step 1.

All the best to everybody who is still giving this a try!

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Some interesting things happening here. You had Java OFF and it streamed?

Follow the 3 steps ...

Interestingly, I don't see any directions. Just the area on Neil's site to enter my email addy. 

It also says on the bottom of the page that at least

Not to pick nits but those aren't stated as minimums. It's quite possible Orastream hasn't tested the plugin with current browers or versions of Java.

To refresh the page, you need to press to

I also don't see "that page" any more, just the area on Neil's site to enter my email addy.


I can't recreate the original sequence of events; I've passed that point and something about using current browers, the latest Java and Orastream plugins prevents me from seeing/doing anything over.

Seems as if Orastream made several assumptions, instead of time spent testing under some very normal scenarios.

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I was able to 'stream' what was supposed to be 24 /192 but the bitrate was not very high (400kbps or so). Wouldnt a blu-ray audio bit stream be much higher than that? I guess it may be low due to compression?

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Orastream will slow down if the conditions aren't optimal. Or, you may not have downloaded/installed the necessary secondary plugin for hi bit rate streaming. The default Orastream environment streams 16/44 lossless and that may have been what you got.