Stop The Loudness Wars: A Petition

Michael Green of Swansea, UK has had enough. Instead of griping about dynamic compression and the loudness wars, he's decided to send record labels and retailers a message:
As music lovers we are fed up [with] the compressed albums available today and would like to see uncompressed albums released, along with High Definition (24 Bit) music downloads. We believe that this is the way forward to reintroduce people to music the way it’s meant to sound.
You can join in the campaign by going here and signing Michael's petition.

Regor Ladan's picture

Nothing will change because PEOPLE have changed.

There are a tiny percentage of people under 30 who actually sit down and listen to music with no other activities abounding. It is now in conjunction with answering emails, playing games, working out, web surfing, riding the subway, etc. To fight for their attention, record companies are sacfricing fidelity sooo tHEY CANNNN BEEEE HEARD above the din.

Until sitting and listening to music as a stand alone art form returns..fogedaboudit.

labjr's picture

It's not just the loudness wars. It's all the other things they do. Like using old transfers and upsampling, resampling anything but going back to the original analog tapes. They don't care about quality.

I don't understand why they would use compression on classic rock titles for hi-rez downloads etc unless they're just reusing transfers from some other project where they wanted the levels compressed. Because it certainly doesn't help sell the stuff. So apparently they figure hi-rez downloads don't really matter to them