Steve Plaskin's Listening Room

The Listening Room

This is our family room that opens into the kitchen with an alcove in the rear of the room for an eating area. I listen in the near field with the speakers 9 feet from the listening area. The room is somewhat asymmetrical in design with large windows accounting for minimal bass emphasis. The floor is a concrete slab. The Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 speakers are run full range with the Wilson sub brought in at 35 Hz. I listen on a large couch that is not shown in the pictures. For whatever reason, this room has resulted in the best sound of all the rooms that I have tried over the years. It supports a full, wide soundstage with even bass down to 30 Hz. Given the carpeting on the floor and stuffed furniture, the room does not need additional damping. I have tried different wall panels and sound diffraction devices, but most of these over-damped the sound.

The new Wilson Alexia Series 2 speakers are extremely revealing with superior bass control compared to my previous Wilson Sasha Series 1 speakers. The Shunyata Research Sigma speaker cables and interconnects compliment the Alexia Series 2 beautifully. The Sigmas are extremely fast and detailed with outstanding dynamic qualities.

updated 11.30.17

Computer: Asus G701VI laptop running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Audiophile Optimizer
Mini Computers: Sonore Signature Rendu SE, Sonore microRendu, SOtM sMS-200ultra
USB Enhancement Devices: SOtM tx-USBultra, UpTone Audio ISO REGEN
Power Supplies: UpTone Audio UltraCap™ LPS-1, Sonore Signature Linear Power Supply, SOtM sPS-500, and HDPlex 100 and 200, Synergistic Research Transporter SE
External Hard Drives: G-Technology 20 TB G|RAID Thunderbolt 2 / USB 3 drive
DACs: Wavelength Crimson HS / Quotient / Silver, Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty
Music Programs: Roon, JRiver Media 23, Signalyst HQPlayer
Computer Cables: AudioQuest Diamond USB, Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB 2,0, Kubala-Sosna Realization USB cable, Synergistic Research Galileo LE USB Cable AudioQuest Coffee Thunderbolt Cables
Turntable: Basis Debut Vacuum V; Graham Phantom tonearm, Koestsu Jade Platinum cartridge
Preamplifier: Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty preamp
Phono Preamp: Ayre Acoustics P5-xe
Amplifiers: Ayre Acoustics MX-R Twenty monoblock amps
Speakers: Wilson Alexia Series 2 and Wilson Watch Dog II Subwoofer

Cables: Shunyata Research Sigma interconnects and speaker cables, AudioQuest Wild Blue Yonder XLR 1-meter interconnect
Power Conditioners: Shunyata Research Hydra Triton ver 3, Typhon, DPC-6 ver 2, Denali 6000T and 2000T
AC Cords: Shunyata Research NR Sigma and Alpha
Ethernet Cables: AudioQuest Diamond and Vodka, Wireworld Starlight CAT8
Headphones: Stax Omega II / Stax SRM-007TII Amp, and AudioQuest Nighthawk
Vibration Control: Symposium Ultra stands, Symposium Rollerblocks 2+ G3; Black Diamond Racing Source Shelves with BDR Cones. Synergistic Research MIG2.0
Computer / DAC Treatment: Synergistic Research Tranquility Base and Tranquility Base UEF
Room Treatment: Synergistic Research HFT and FEQ. Synergistic Research Atmosphere

Ethernet Equipment: 2x TP-LINK MC200CM Gigabit Media Converter, 1000Mbps RJ45 to 1000M multi-mode SC fiber, Tripp Lite Duplex Multimode 62.5/125 Fiber Patch Cable (SC/SC), 2M AQVOX SE switch, Asus RP-AC68U Media Bridge
Rack: Mapleshade Samson