Stereo Exchange

the McIntosh D100 Preamp/DAC ($2,500) in the DeVore Fidelity room

As was the case last year, a few NY dealers chose to forgo the show and hold their own. While I can see both sides of this story and generally steer well clear of the hand wringing and in-fighting that can accompany the pros and cons of said behavior, I had a perfectly lovely time when I visited Stereo Exchange on Sunday afternoon.

John DeVore of DeVore Fidelity was showing his new Gibbon X speakers (est. $11k-$12k) being driven by the Rogers High Fidelity EHF-200 MK2 integrated amplifier ($14,000) and John treated me to some wonderful music that I hadn't heard all show long or at any hi-fi show for that matter (hooray!).

In the Kimber Kable/McIntosh/IsoMike room I was treated to some wonderful and enveloping 4-channel recordings including a recording of Fan-Ya Lin who treated show goers at this year's RMAF to real, live music (hooray!).

Patrick Butler from Bowers & Wilkins treated me to some wonderful electronica from Ametsub, a recording that's new to me (hooray!) through Classe electronics and B&W speakers.

I was also treated to a track from the new James Blake album and the new Devendra Banhart (hooray!) by Jon Zimmer of Sound Representation through a nice system from Bel Canto and Sonus Faber including the Bel Canto Reference DAC Control System ($7,080 includes DAC3.5VBMKII, REFLINK, VB Power Supply), a pair of Sonus Faber Elipsa SE speakers ($22,900) driven by the Bel Canto REF500M monoral amplifiers ($4,000/pair), all tied up with Kimber Kable.

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If you like Ametsub, you should check out the full offering from the Progressive FOrM label. You can buy WAVs through Ototoy:

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Thanks for the link.