Source Systems Ltd.

Source Systems Ltd. imports and distributes a number of lines that intersect with our interests including Lumin, M2Tech, and SBooster. While that list may sound short, when you unfold the product lines of the first two, you find a lot of choices. For RMAF 2016, the Lumin U1 Audiophile network music transport ($5900) led the fully active Philharmonias by Amadeus speakers ($40,000/pair) down some nicely textured musical pathways.


The Métronome Center Server 1 (12990 €) took care of music storage while the...

...Lumin app handled remote control (Roon will be coming to Lumin by early 2017).

M2Tech has revamped its EVO Series of components which include (left stack) the Young DSD DAC Preamp ($1500), Joplin MK2 A/D Converter ($1900), and the Van der Graaf Power Supply ($908) which can power up to 4 products (9V to 15V). The right stacks include the M2Tech EVO2 USB-S/PDIF converter, EVO Clock 2, EVO Supply 2, EVO DAC 2, and the EVO DAC 2 Plus. Prices range from $600 to $980.