Sound Representation/Halide Design

Is that a DAC in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? I bumped into the big-smiling fast-talking Jon Zimmer of Sound Representation somewhere in the hall on 5 and he gave me the quick low-down on the brand new hot off the production line Halide Design DAC HD ($550) which features Gordon Rankin's Streamlength Asynchronous USB technology delivering sample rates up to 24/96 and according to Jon Zimmer "extremely low jitter". The captive cable on the USB side is an upgraded Wireworld "Starlight" USB cable and those RCAs coming out of the other side sport pure silver conductors and Eichmann "Silver Bullet" RCA plugs. There's also some power filtration built-in and the whole shebang is manufactured in the US of A.

Have I mentioned what a big fan I am of smiling people at Hi-Fi shows? If not, I am and I give extra credit for laughter.