Sonore microRendu

While the Sonore microRendu ($640) did not make an appearance in Munich, it was waiting for me in-barn when I arrived back home last night. The first I did this morning, after making coffee, is connect the little microRendu to my hi-fi, set its output for Roon, and hit Play. First impressions: Wow!

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Too early to say too much, and I don't have a good power supply for it yet. But I can definitely hear more detail with this than with my previous setup (SMS-100, good PS, and USB Regen).

The earliest adopters have reported improvement during the first few days of break in.

BTW, in my setup the HQP NAA output with upsampling to DSD sounds better than Roon playback.

Hopefully this will sound even better after break in a better PS.

Enjoy, Michael.

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Bought the bundle with SMG Sonic Transporter/microRendu/iFii Power for under $1K.
Running in Roon mode with USB storage attached to Sonic Transporter and feedng my Lampizator DAC. Sounding very, very good indeed. :D

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I am constantly amazed by what this little monster can do. I was never able to get this kind of performance from a Windows computer even with all the hacks, tweaks and crutches we all have tried over the years.

I am using a CIAudio linear power supply (left over from SB Duet days) and the Squeezelite output mode to stream FLAC using the ickstream plugin on LMS 7.9. The output of the microRendu goes into a BelCanto U-Link and then to my DAC. It all worked perfectly from the first time. I have a sonicTransporter on the way as well.

I won't go into detail on the sound (I am sure that Michael will) but suffice to say that to my ears it would be hard to beat at any price.

This is what computer audio should be and I am thrilled that a device like this is now available.'s picture

Can this also be used to feed AIFF files managed by iTunes on an external drive to a DAC? Probably a dumb question, I know...) If so, how does the GUI display the library?

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you would need something like the sonicTranspoter to do this. The microRendu on its own would not. It accepts only ethernet input. Email Andrew at Small Green Computer and he will let you know what you need.

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I currently run a CAPS 3 server (ZUMA, Streacom case, 2TB HD, etc...) with Windows and JRiver on it. I control that via TeamViewer and JRiver on the server and my laptop.

If I eliminate the ZUMA from the system and use the microRendu, how would I control the music from my laptop? I can see my NAS on the network and can access it fine for getting to files. Do I install JRiver on the NAS and link to it via laptop to manage the music files, set up playlists and run the program?