Some Favorite Music Sources

Here's a list of some of the sites I frequent when looking to buy music downloads. Enjoy!


Bleep. Lots of new music including a category for 24-bit downloads.
Boomkat. Lots of new music. One of my favorites for browsing and discovering the new.
Presto Classical. Lots of classical, many in high-res.
Qobuz. Deep classical and jazz catalog as well as new music and high-res.
Tidal Music Store. Wow. Lots of hard to find records in many categories. CD quality.
4AD. A smorgasbord of new sounds.
Bandcamp. When I'm looking for music, I always search on the band's name or album name + "bandcamp". Tons of indie's and smaller labels.
Destination Out!. Free jazz from the FMP label (excellent!).
Drag City. Mostly folkie (Joanna Newsom, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, etc)
Erased Tapes. Avant-garde music.
Little Axe Records. Great old folk and blues rarities from Mississippi Records.
Matador Records. Gritty and grimy.
Ninja Tune. Electronica and more.
Smithsonian Folkways. A true treasure trove. Visit and explore.
Aquarius Records. A very entertaining weekly list of recommended new releases.
Other Music Mailing List. A great source for discovering new music. I enjoy their reviews.
Pitchfork's Best New Albums. Yea, I peek.
The Quietus. Typically thoughtful reviews of new music. Like Pitchfork with less attitude.
The Vinyl Factory. Make sure to check out their Films section.
Free Scads of free music, lots of it live. Visit and explore. Make sure to check out the 1,000 hours of jazz from The David W. Niven Collection of Early Jazz Legends, 1921-1991
NPR's First Listen. Listen to new releases before they're released.
NPR Tiny Desk Concerts. Wonderful intimate live performances. Video too.

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Presto Classical is often cheaper than the other download sites. Today I found an album for $7 (ex VAT) there that was $17-$22 everywhere else. Not unusual. has an extensive classical collection and if you add yourself to their mailing list they regularly offer discounts on albums. They also allow you to download single tracks, and you pay by the length of what you buy (per minute). So if you see a classical album with two pieces and you only want one, you can download and pay for only that one.

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My favourite source for new music is Podcasts, in particular:
- Sound Opinions (WBEZ Chicago)
- NPR's All Songs Considered
- CBC Radio 3's The R3-30

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Hey, is anyone going to thank Michael for this listing of download sites?

The jazz collection has me very excited. Can't wait to check it out as well as others.

This almost makes up for all the great tips I've given you at the shows, Michael. : )

Thanks a lot for these great music options.


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Keep those tips a comin'!


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Thanks for the Jazz Legends link. Amazing.

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Michael, as always thanks for the recommendations.

I haven't yet bought something from them, but I notice Technics is selling downloads now! I think that's pretty cool.

In FLAC and in MQA for those interested.