Soledge Canto

The Soledge Maestro (€14,000) from France incorporates 2x 1TB hard drives for music storage, a 8.4" color touchscreen display that pops up when it senses someone is near (using a proximity sensor), a slot drive for ripping your CDs, Coax S/PDIF and Toslink outputs, fixed and variable RCA outputs, and 3 USB ports for accessing music from USB storage. But the real story with Soledge is their components all talk to one another via power line communication (PLC) technology which they call the Canto system, kinda like Sonos but for grownups. The other thing of note is Soledge quotes Jean Paul Sartre on their marketing literature which is a first in my experience:
"We shall call emotion a sudden loss of consciousness into the magical." ~ Jean Paul Sartre

The two white and black vertical units on the insides of the Waterfall Audio Victoria Evo speakers are the Soledge Tenor Receiver/Amplifiers (€6,500 for Tenor 260 and €5,500 for the Tenor 160) which function as their name suggests. The streaming side of the Soledge devices can handle WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, ALAC, and AIFF file formats.