SGR MusicKube

The SGR MusicKube ($4,995) is a purpose-built, from the ground up including the Orakle Ripping Engine, Media Server. SGR was responsible for the MusicKube's software while they relied on MSB Technology for the "digital hardware". The MusicKube comes with a digital volume control or optional analog analog volume control and can handle up to 32/384 data as well as DSD and "30-40" file formats. The interface is also an SGR developed browser-based application. Inputs include Coax, AES, USB, HDMI (for audio), MSB-link, Ethernet, and BNC for clock input. At present the MusicKube comes with 248GB SSD internal storage but SGR expects that to grow to 1TB within a few months. For people with larger libraries, a NAS is the recommended solution. The MusicKube will see its official launch at the Munich hi-fi show this May.

There will also be a version of the MusicKube with an in-built MSB-designed DAC for $9,995 which should also be ready by the time of the Munich Show.