Sex Tape Live: Peter Brötzmann and Heather Leigh

artwork by Peter Brötzmann (that's my signed poster!) WARNING: some people may find this image offensive

On Wednesday, June 7, John DeVore, Stephen Mejias and I worked our way to downtown Brooklyn and into one of my new favorite places, ISSUE Project Room, to see and hear Peter Brötzmann (reeds) and Heather Leigh (electric pedal steel guitar) tear the place up.

Brötzmann, to understate the fact, is a free jazz legend and I had to fight to keep thoughts like "this is the guy who made Machine Gun! (1968) and was part of Last Exit! Dammit!" from my head so I could focus on this current incarnation of his will. Heather Leigh, who I've come to love, is a mystery of sorts, having been part of the sorely missed Volcanic Tongue record shop (their Tip of the Tongue picks were genius and many live on my record shelves) and her solo album I Abused Animal has been going on and on on my hi-fi, ex post facto.

Beauty and the. . . Nope. I'm not going to say it. Nope, I'm not going to go there. Brötzmann and Leigh lit up the ISSUE Project Room and the sold out crowd with raw energy, both light and dark, all searing scorching melodic and beautiful. I stood entranced.

Heather Leigh is a beast on pedal steel (I couldn't help myself) and Brötzmann can ring some of the most beautiful tones from his trio of reed instruments known to man.

Good fortune led us here; I was driving and heard a track from the recently released Sex tape (available from Bandcamp) and searched as soon as I got home to discover this event. No second thought required.

We'll be heading back to ISSUE Project Room, next month actually for Laurel Halo, and I am comforted by the kinship found in this newfound home away from home.

Listen to Sex tape here:

Baldrickstrousers's picture

Definitely an interesting journey from Texas (Charalambides, Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast).

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I download this last week and saw Brötzmann and Leigh in Cleveland last night. Absolutely brilliant music. It was my 4th time seeing Brötzmann and he never disappoints. Such a towering figure and one of the true greats in free jazz.