Roon Does...Hardware

an angelic (looking) Rob Darling with Nucleus

That's right—Roon will soon be shipping two Roon servers; Nucleus and Nucleus+. Here are the specs:

I'm thinking Nucleus+ because I like power (of the i7 variety) but either Nucleus will sit on your network and act as Roon Server/Core for your NAS- or USB drive-based music library and Tidal making both available to any and every Roon endpoint you may have (or want to have).

To my mind, having the best interface. . .Roon is the best interface. . . (well, according to me) to one's music control multiple devices from multiple manufacturers is how this shit should work. While I applaud the efforts of hardware companies venturing into software, and some have done a commendable job, why O why would I want to be 'stuck' with software from one company that's irrevocably tied to that one company's hardware? When I can have more better?

Pricing (projected):

Nucleus $1200
Nucleus+ $2000
Availablity: Roon store and dealers worldwide in August

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Two questions

Does the price include a Roon license?

Have they been optimised to act as endpoints at all?

They appear to be able to act as endpoints as well as the core, but how will it sound? Basically can we save the cost of an endpoint?

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excluding licence

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How about a deal whereas you buy their hardware, you can purchase a lifetime membership for $399 ($100 off).

But this is probably aimed at customers who don't want to setup their own Intel NUC or sonicTransporter. Provides a slightly more turn-key purchase.

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unlikely to be specifically optimised as an endpoint, since these are aimed at dealers who want you to purchase a dac / endpoint on top.

fanless = optimised for audio room location

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What will this do that my $60 SSD with Roon Server plugged into my NAS won't do?

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So, instead of a buying a SonicTransporter i5 for about $600 to serve as a Roon Core, one should buy the nearly identically-spec'd Nucleus+ for $2,000? Apart from the Roon branding and the i7 vs. i5, this makes no sense.

I guess Roon needs a hardware line to make it a complete "package," but they really need to demonstrate the value here... tell us how it'll sound better, or transfer info faster, or come with built-in terabyte-level storage or at least have a Roon license or SOMETHING...

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I got among the first new and improved i5 9/2017, much improved alloy chassis, wave cut face plate, more solid build, presumably improved inside, $645 w/o storage. SSD outperforms audio performance of HDD. Sonic Orbiter i5 w/optional 1TB SSD, about $1050 SRP.

So this new Roon Nucleus is about $150 more but w/less storage plus lacking the audio performance of the i5's SSD.