Roon 1.3 (Build 259): It's The Little Things

While there are a number of updates and bug fixes in the new Roon build, there's one update that makes me very, very happy.
One Click Playback
After over two years of feedback, questions, and requests, tonight's build includes some improvements to how you play music in Roon.

The full screen play buttons have been replaced with with controls that we hope will be easier to use on both desktop and touch, both for "queue builders" and "one click players".

We've also added One-Click Play buttons across the app. Anywhere you see a track, you'll also see a small play button that will function like our previous Play Now button, but by default will also queue the rest of the tracks on the screen (also known as Play From Here).

The old behavior, which had a small control window open up when you hit the old "play" button, is gone forever and I'll happily celebrate its burial. The thing is, when I want to Play, I want to Play. There's no doubt in my mind so I guess that makes me a "one click player". If you want do to something other than Play, just click on that down arrow next to Play for other options (you "queue builder, you").

The new Roon one click play makes this one click player very, very happy.

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I agree Michael. A very welcome improvement.
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to one click happiness indeed

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We were told that Roon was "weeks away" from offering (first "fold") MQA decoding 9 months ago. ... and radio silence since on that front since then. Given that other software players have managed to make this work, and given I only bought Roon for 1 year (instead of the Lifetime subscription), their inability to follow through is seriously making me reconsider my desire to re-up when my subscription comes due in 3-4 months.

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They have to make sure it works with a multi room multi Dac setup. My understanding from the Roon forum is also that they are trying to do something more than first unfold, if it is allowed.

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The play, play, play routine in Roon was driving me nuts. Great news.

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Had some problems with dropouts with higher resolution files.
Network problem was my thinking, but it seems to be gone with the new build.

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Now if we can just get vertical scrolling.......

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Like that if they would. The horizontal scroll is soooo unconventional and non intuitive.