Rob Darling of Roon Labs: AudioStream Podcast No.6

Welcome to the sixth episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter brings you Rob Darling of Roon Labs. Darling has made his way from the production end of music all the way to the heavyweight audiophile streaming-software company Roon. His time in the studio helped hone his digital skillset which he now wields as a rich tapestry along with a keen sense of listening. In our interview Darling walks us through the new digital lifestyle of high-end audio, tuning-in to the current touchstones of the hobby with a critical ear and discusses what the future holds for Roon Labs.

–Brian Hunter and Rafe Arnott

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Roon Labs LLC

stevew's picture

Listened to this podcast expecting to hear some interesting discussion about Roon. Instead 95% had nothing to do with Roon.

Rafe Arnott's picture
You can talk about software in an interview. We try to go beyond the obvious and connect with people on a human level. YMMV.

For more on Roon, read THIS.