The RMAF Wrap

To say that computer audio was all over the place at RMAF would be an understatement. Which is why I missed so much of it. My apologies to all those people whose rooms I missed and please note that it was only due to a lack of time and not a lack of interest. If it was a possibility, I would have visited every room regardless of its relevance to my narrowed focus.

RMAF only served to confirm something I already knew—computer audio is coming at us from every angle in the audiophile canon and some new ones to boot. Manufacturers are new, young and brimming with enthusiasm and not as young, experienced and brimming with enthusiasm and everywhere in between. The computer as source has freed people from the limits of physical media and we're seeing a feeding frenzy of applied ideas. Hardware, software and music are running with this new-found freedom and from my way of seeing we are the beneficiaries of a groundswell of human invention and energy focused on one thing—our enjoyment of music.

From the truly affordable to the outrageously expensive and everywhere in between. And the best part is no matter where you feel most comfortable jumping aboard, musical enjoyment is waiting. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, audio shows for me are not as much about micro-level details as they about the bigger picture. It's not so much about the sound of a particular instrument on a particular part of a track from a particular record that grabs my attention as a lasting impression, it's the overall vibe. The mood and the feeling of the people both in attendance and exhibiting. And here I'd say that based on what I heard, saw and felt at RMAF 2011, we're in for one helluva musical journey ahead.

On a personal note, I'd like to express my thanks and outrageously good fortune to be part of a team of people I enjoy and admire within an industry that I am passionate about. I can't think of a better place to be.

I'm sure you've come from one of these places but I'll say it anyway—don't miss the complete picture:

Stereophile: John Atkinson and Stephen Mejias were there...I don't really need to add anything else, do I.

Inner Fidelity: Tyll Hertsens was there too...I don't really need to add anything but I will—I'd never met Tyll before and my laughter-muscles are still recovering and man, that guy knows a lot about...testicles headphones and festivals.

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by all of you reporting from RMAF - I mean: it took me hours each day just to READ through it, without even listening to any of it (well, while listening to my own computer audio ...), so I appreciate what it means to do all the listening AND WRITING.

Thanks and best wishes for a quick recovery,


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It was completely my pleasure.

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Great outing and a great way to jump start the site.  Been very enjoyable Michael.  I look forward to the future of AudioStream!



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Timing was on our side.