RMAF 2017: Vinnie Rossi

I first met Vinnie Rossi back in 2006, the year after I first reviewed one of his creations, in a little number I called a "Road Tour".

We've both come some way since; my hair is white(r) and Vinnie's isn't. What the heck? Vinnie finished his Red Wine and has been operating under Vinnie Rossi where his LIO line of ultracapacitor-powered modular gear has garnered much attention because it sounds really good.

On display and in-use at RMAF 2017 was the Vinnie Rossi "Super Integrated" ($13,995) which rolls a directly heated triode linestage, the 25wpc LIO Mosfet amplifier, the LIO DAC 2.0, and the LIO MM/MC Phonostage into one tube-topped handsome package. A pair of Harbeth M30.2 "40th Anniversary Edition" Loudpseakers ($6495/pair) brought the music into the room with ease.

A number of people told me "You have to go to Vinnie's room!", so I did (I would have anyway). My notes read (without the edits), "Sounds fu*@ing amazing!"1

1. I was born and raised in NJ where fu*@ can be used as a Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Pronoun, Preposition, Conjunction, Determiner, or Exclamation, among others.