RMAF 2017: PS Audio After Hours

the PS Audio DirectStream DAC ($5999)

One evening well after the show had closed, I found myself in the PS Audio room with a bunch of guys listening to music. Here's the catch; just for the fun of it.

Hi-Fi is like that—some people, most of the people I like in this wonderful hobby, just enjoy listening to music and it's even better with friends. While I know some like to try to climb inside the gear, swim around, and look for cold spots, I prefer to listen to music, unhurried. With friends.

me & Tyll. photo credit: Bill Leebens

I got to hear most of the music I brought on stick and it all sounded wonderful—soft & sweet, light & lilting, and big & badass as music is wont to be.

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I visited the PS Audio room on the ground floor where they were running subwoofers with the Focal 3 speakers. IMO, the Focals don't need subwoofers and they just muddied the bass. To my ears, the Focal 3s in the two rooms in the Tower sounded much better.

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That should be Sopra 3 speakers.