RMAF 2017: MSB Technology

Vince Galbo of MSB is yet another great setup guy and RMAF 2017 was no exception. MSB was showing off their new Reference DAC ($39,500, MQA USB input module +$1595, Femto 33 Clock +$9950) with the MSB M204 mono amplifiers (lookers they are), and a pair of YG Acoustics Mosaic Genesis speakers ($72,800).

Vince remembered I enjoyed John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison's duet/cover of "I Cover The Waterfront" from the former's Mr. Lucky album so he played it again this year. While Van Morrison's voice is so distinctive, the pairing with John Lee Hooker is so unexpected, people have a hard time guessing it's Van. We played the "guess who" game with two very friendly attendees, a husband and wife, and they were also surprised to learn they didn't recognize Sir George Ivan "Van" Morrison.

Lookers (39,950/pair).