RMAF 2017: DeVore Fidelity/Tone Imports

Let's see: DeVore Fidelity speakers? Check. totaldac? Check. Anything from Tone Imports? Check. Guys who know how to set up a room? Check. Good friends? Check. Great music? Check. Lots (and lots) of laughter? Check. What more can I ask for?

Hi-Fi is a hobby of, by, and for. . .people. People who are passionate about. . .music. At least from my way of being. When you mix this stuff together—passion, music, friends—you get. . .fun. Fun on a grand scale that transcends fun. If you know what I mean.

This hobby is all about enjoyment and if it's not it's time to find a new hobby. While some people like to argue endlessly over inconsequential stuff, some of us like to hang out with friends, listen to music, and have fun.

If this was not the raison d'etre for this fine hobby of ours, I wouldn't be in it. And I certainly wouldn't have bought a bouse with a barn and made it my job.