RMAF 2017: Bel Canto Black EX

I like my hi-fi like I like my coffee? Bel Canto's new EX line trickles down from their flagship Black series. We're looking at the Black EX DAC / Control Preamp ($13,990) which includes a host of digital (USB, S/PDIF, Toslink, AES, Ethernet) and analog (line level, MM/MC) inputs. The Black EX DAC also decodes MQA.

Black EX Dual Mono Amp ($11,990) 2x 350W into 8ohms

Since I said the magic words "MQA", I'll also add that I had an interesting conversation with John Stronczer and Mike McCormick of Bel Canto who shared that they were using a Wireworld Ethernet cable and how they were both initially surprised to find it made an obvious improvement in sound quality.

Gentlemen, start your engines...

Matsaly's picture

Thanks for the preview of the new Bel Canto Black EX series. Any idea of how the Black EX DAC & Black EX Dual mono amps are different than the existing Bel Canto ACI 600 Integrated? Aside from the obvious that the ACI 600 is an integrated, it would appear that the Black EX DAC/Dual Mono combo is similiary priced to the ACI 600.