RMAF 2017: Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50

Stereophile's Kal Rubinson reviewed the BeoLab 90 from Bang & Olufsen and concluded, ..."I exhort every caring music listener to listen to the BeoLab 90 and hear what is now possible. It's that good." The BeoLab 50 ($39,170/pair) are the 90's little brother but they house much of the same technology. The 50's are active speakers + DAC (24/192) and employ sophisticated DSP for in-room correction.

Frequency response is rated at 15 Hz - 43kHz and the 50's strutted their stuff with aplomb at RMAF 2017 even at reasonable-but-loud levels. If you have any preconceived notions about B&O along the lines of "they're all about looking pretty", forget them.

"Big, wide, and clean. Take that room treatment [there wasn't any]" read my notes. We'll be talking more about DSP shortly.