RMAF 2016: The Wrap

The biggest RMAF 2016 story was RMAF 2016. The Denver Marriott Tech Center was still under renovation at show-time, which had show organizer Marjorie Baumert & Crew pulling out some creative ways to make this all work. Pre-show prognostication tended to fall into two camps; bad, and worse.

"You know, the entire front parking lot is all dug up and I read on one of the hi-fi forums that this land used be an ancient burial ground so you'll be lucky to get out alive."

RMAF 2016 turned out to be another great show so I'll send a huge heartfelt thank you to Marjorie & Crew for making some damn fine and fun lemonade from a boatload of lemons. Show goers, especially on Saturday, were many and many of them were having a great time. I asked a number of exhibitors what they thought and everyone I spoke to was happy. I did hear some stories of the unhappy, the angry, the outright unhinged, but I'd suggest this is what happens within any specialized group. Sometimes you get a few nuts mixed in.

Another story that wove its way through RMAF 2016 was MQA. I read on one of the hi-fi forums that MQA used be an ancient burial ground so you'll be lucky to get out alive.

Another theme that we've seen before is becoming more of a given; Roon. The number of Roon Ready devices scattered around RMAF were many making the task of interacting with our music more pleasure than pain.

Of course, 'computer audio' has all but consumed 'digital' to the point where we'll soon be simply talking about digital with disc spinners relegated to the retro-rooms.

I had an absolute blast at RMAF 2016. I heard some great music on great-sounding systems, spent time with friends and made some new ones. I also ran into readers including Rusty Miller, who you remember from his recent Lovely Recordings, in the DeVore Fidelity/Tone Imports room who shared that Lovely Recordings is his favorite AudioStream feature. It has grown to become mine too—people sharing music they love along with the stories behind the connection is to my mind the real heart & soul of this fine hobby.