Reviewer Video Profile: Michael Lavorgna (hey! that's me)

Our resident Director of all things video, Jana Dagdagan, and a few friends were over for some listening fun and to shoot my reviewer profile for Stereophile. After Jana's crafty editing work, it's ready.

I hope you enjoy it and I thought I'd share some photos of "things I love" that I refer to in the video. Enjoy!

And some of my other work...

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To the earlier comments?

Michael Lavorgna's picture are thinking of the similar post over on Stereophile ;-)
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brain burp, thank you!!!

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Evidently no audiophile ever saw the carnafarfisa go.

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Thanks for sharing something so personal. It says a lot about you & your passions. Lovely property also. We live in Alaska & share something very similar albeit with a different view. Your "Barn" is a concept I have been working towards. For the meantime my space is my space & I maximize it as best I can.
Thanks for sharing!