Resonessence Labs Veritas

Thank you spell check because no matter hard I try to type Resonessence Labs, I add one too many or one too few syllables. That aside, I always my stop into the Resonessence Labs room for a taste of good sound value and good sound.

The new Resonessence Labs Veritas ($2850) DAC/Digital Preamp houses the new ESS ES9028PRO D/A chip (as in one) from the ESS PRO series, which employs "the newest generation of the ESS Hyperstream II technology." Veritas handles PCM rates up to 384kHz and DSD128, includes USB, AES, and S/PDIF inputs, RCA and XLR out and comes in colors—Black, Silver and Gold—over the chassis which is CNC'd out of single piece of aluminum.

A pair of Japaenses Pari Passu loudspeakers ($50,000/pair) were driven by the Resonessence Projecta 100Wpc amplifier ($50,000) and the sound was not flashy or show-y which was music to my ears.