Resolution Audio Cantata

The handsome Resolution Audio Cantata ($6,495) is about as close as you can get to an Ethernet DAC. The UPnP-enabled Ethernet input allows you to connect to a NAS via the Resolution Pont Neuf and you can control playback with the Cantata app for iOS devices. There's also a cleverly concealed slot-loading CD drive for spinning discs when the feeling moves you. The Cantata can handle up to 24/192 playback via asynchronous USB, AES/EBU, Coax, and Toslink and there are fixed and variable RCA and XLR outputs.

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I wonder if the tickertape display can be programmed to say, "Train leaving on Track 4, all aboard !"

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The Cantata Music Center IS an Ethernet DAC (among other things) so not sure why the first line says "as close as you can get".

The Ethernet port allows for connection to a NAS device on a network and no Pont Neuf required for this type of connection. For a computer source in another room, the Pont Neuf basically converts USB data to travel over Ethernet or WiFi (with a wireless "bridge") to the Music Center. As far as the source computer and the Music Center are concerned, it's a USB connection though it can be longer than the physical limitation of 15 feet for USB connections.

As for the display, for the right price, I'll bet Jeff can make it say anything you want. :)