ReQuest Audio The Beast

My notes for ReQuest Audio's The Beast ($44,000) say "see website" which I did and the Beast's product page is relatively brief and its not in English. Google translate to the rescue:
For the first time the experience of the top high end range could be coupled with the experience in software development, component selection, which is necessary in order to realize a real Hight end music server. This was made possible by the acquisition of American development company that has the most experience with such technologies worldwide.

Other highlights include the specially developed for THE BEAST by MSB Technology audio board and the power supply in "Blur" technology. THE BEAST is the Ergenbis a nearly 30-year struggle with the issue of the highest quality playback of music.

... listen for yourself!

OK so its a music server which includes an audio board from MSB. A Google search also returned my entry from the Munich show with a better photo (see report).