PS Audio Goes to Direct-Sales Model Only in US

Are you a fan of the crew in Boulder, Colorado who makes things for hi-fi enthusiasts with their hands?

Find yourself considering a PS Audio DirectStream DAC? Stellar Gain Cell DAC? The DirectStream P20 Regenerator?

Moving forward, if you're looking to purchase from PS Audio, you will now be dealing exclusively with the company – no more dealer showrooms.

PS Audio announced today that it was moving all US sales to a factory-direct sales model.

“During our 45-year history, we’ve always sold direct to end-users in the US, and we’ve also had a significant presence in dealer showrooms across America,” said CEO and co-founder Paul McGowan. “As we continue our efforts to enhance the customer experience, we are moving towards all US sales being direct from the factory in Boulder.”

McGowan said that a big part of the move was due to the continued rise of telephone orders. “Over the past several years, our call-volume and factory-direct sales have increased tremendously."

I reached out to PS Audio's Director of Communication Bill Leebens to inquire about the timeline for current US dealers, and he said “Our dealers were notified some time ago, and we will accept orders from them for drop-shipments until September 15th. They’re allowed to advertise themselves as PS Audio dealers for now, but within 90 days or so, they will be required to stop doing so.”

Press release highlights

PS Audio will soon be bringing in new features and options so we can take even better care of our customers, whom we really do consider as part of our Hi-Fi Family. Our extensive network of international distributors will not be affected by any changes.

  • Buying factory direct has these benefits:
  • Sales always come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no hidden fees or restocking charges.
  • We now offer same day shipping for our US customers, so no need to wait.
  • We buy back any brand of our customers’ audio gear at its full and original retail price. Details can be found here
  • Two-way shipping within the US is always free. If the unit is returned, we pay for that shipping as well.
  • Expert advice is always available from our Hi-Fi Specialists as well as the engineers and designers of the products themselves.
  • In the unlikely event a problem arises with a product under warranty, we will pay for shipping to the factory, fix the problem, and return the unit within 48 hours of receiving the product. We will pay return shipping, as well.

For more information: PS Audio.

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