PS Audio Presents Ted Smith on Jitter

Jitter. Its a controversial subject among audiophiles (what isn't?). PS Audio has posted Part 2 of their Jitter video series with "consulting digital expert" Ted Smith, "Audible Effects of Jitter", but I've included Part 1 here which is titled "Why Jitter Matters" just in case you missed it. Part 2 will start directly after (duck and cover!).

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Michael Fremer's recent listening test he published highlighted for me how we can hear something as good or bad and not know why we think that, perhaps at least initially and sometimes never know.

Anything difficult to measure and/or difficult to correlate to "important" measurements and/or difficult to communicate to someone who hasn't heard it for themselves will forever be disparaged by certain music listeners. Jitter is like that.

If you haven't taken Fremer's test, here's Part 1 and Part 2 but don't spoil it by going to Part 2 prematurely. Let yourself listen without knowing what you're hearing first. I'm not claiming that it's a definitive test on that subject (or this one), but that too is part of my point here.