Pro-Ject was showing oodles of goods geared for the computer audio listener. Pictured above (clockwise from left): DAC Box DS ($549), Amp Box DS mono ($499), Tube Box DS ($699), Pre Box DS ($499), Amp Box DS mono ($499), and Amp Box DS ($499). The DAC Box DS can accomodate up to 24/192 data through its asynchronous USB input. There are also 1 Toslink and 1 Coax S/PDIF input and 1 pair of RCA outputs.

The new 24/192-capable Stream Box DSA ($1,500 projected) marries a 60W/channel integrated amp with a DAC/network player. Inputs include 2 pair of RCAs, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, Coax S/PDIF and Toslink. There's also fixed and variable outputs.

The new Stream Box RS ($1,999) preamplifier/network player removes the integrated amp from the Stream Box DSA and adds balanced XLR outputs, balanced dual mono triode tube output stage (ECC 6922), Wifi 802/b/g/n allows true 24/192 over Wifi, and an apparently irresistible front panel display.