Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection (400GB)

I came across the Pristine Classical website while putting together the list of HD Music download sites. Actually reader Vasily showed me the way by leaving a link to the Pristine site in the comments. While there, I noticed something I'm not so sure I've seen before—Pristine offers their entire digital catalog on hard disk!

Here's what they have to say about that:

Over 400 Pristine Audio classical releases - complete
All our Jazz and Blues releases
All our National Gramophonic Society Releases
PLUS nearly 500 PADA Exclusives - the complete MP3 collection
Around 900 recordings - the complete collection - full hi-fi sound

Our complete Pristine catalogue in CD-quality and better FLAC format plugs straight into your PC or Mac and delivers hundreds of hours of wonderful historic recordings at the click of a mouse.

No DRM: All the recordings are DRM-free, and can be listened to directly, recorded to CD, streamed over your home system, or converted to any other format. There are no restrictions placed on any of our recordings.

Space to spare: The massive 500GB capacity of these exceptionally quiet and reliable drives leaves you plenty of space to spare for your digital music collection.

Simple and elegant: Just plug the diminutive drive into a USB port on your computer and you're ready to go - integrates seamlessly with Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac® OS 10.5 or later and requires no additional mains power.

All this can be yours for €1150 (free worldwide shipping). You can also opt to order the Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection on a 1TB Western Digital My Book (€1200) or a 2TB Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II (€1300). If you run those numbers (Cost of Music+Drive/Number of Records) even without including those 500 MP3s, I think you'll find it works out to = reasonable.

An instant music collection ready to plug and play. Hmm. Do you think we'll see more of this in the future? Do you have any dream collections you'd like to see delivered on a big, fat hard disk? How about a hard drive collection from Matador Records? Mute? FMP? ESP?

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1) Partly because most broadband still actually sucks

2) Partly because downloading still takes time, effort, knowledge

3) Partly because some people like package deals.


You DO have to wonder why wouldn't a smaller label such as those you mentioned do this and bypass all the online retailers?

Or, *any* label could begin offering USB thumb drives, containing the entire catalog of one artist. They like high profit box sets, don't they?

It's as if record labels look for ways NOT to freshly market their products.

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Linn have been doing this for a while

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And thank you! (see post)