Pop Quiz: Name 2 Streaming Services That Will Offer Hi-Res Streaming This Year

I'll give you 1 hint.

BradleyP's picture

I wonder if Spotify will ever jump in. It's no surprise that they ignore TIDAL, but they may not be able to ignore Pandora. Spotify might hold off to the bitter end, and that may even be the right strategy for them.

foxhall's picture

Going to be an interesting year in streaming.

After six months using TIDAL (via Roon), I'm still enamored and won't likely switch to another streaming service.

Stephen Dupont's picture

it doesn't say MQA. i assume it's lossless. is it just FLAC (NTTAWWT).

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Hope what is meant by Hi Res is higher than CD quality. The term Hi Res came into being long after CD quality to distinquish new resolutions greater than CD, meaning 24/96 and higher.

Now, some in the music marketing industry are calling as Hi Res just good ol' standard been-around-since-the-eighties CD resolution. And we all know why. Yep, CDs are higher resolution than MP3 and AAC lossy (what isn't), but that doesn't make CDs Hi Res.