Playback Designs

The Blue Light Audio room featured the Playback Designs MPS-3 CD player w/USB input ($8,500), the B.M.C. Audio AMP CS2 Integrated Stereo Amp ($8,400) driving the Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne Loudspeakers ($2,500/pair). Jonathan Tinn of Blue Light Audio was running the room while I was in it and he played me tape transfers he'd made using the Korg MR-2000S ($1,799). The interesting aspect of these transfers was two-fold—they were double rate DSD (128x DSD) files, and they were of Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley. Oh yea, and they sounded spectacular.

A number of people throughout the show asked me whether or not I felt DSD was worth it. After all, there's not a lot of source material and who really knows what the future holds for DSD playback. My answer was consistent—you've got to hear some native DSD playback and decide for yourself. My feeling is once you do, you'll have answered your question. My answer should be obvious.