Pioneer's New Elite Receivers Offer DSD Playback

The Pioneer Elite SC-67, DSD-Ready

Hot off the Press Release, Pioneer Electronics is offering two new Elite 9.2-channel receivers, the SC-67 and SC-68, that offer network connectivity (wired and wireless), 24-bit/192kHz playback, AirPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, vTuner® Internet radio, PANDORA® internet radio and access to SiriusXM® Radio, Asynchronous USB input (the SC-68 bumps the USB input up to 32-bit/192kHz), and the big news is they both support DSD (DFF) playback via USB.

DSD seems to be moving from the fringes to the mainstream rather quickly. Let's hope this news is followed up with greater availability of DSD downloads.

labjr's picture

Just not sure what we're gonna do with all these formats. Maybe need separate DACs for PCM and DSD since probably no audiophile company will make a  DAC which offers the best of both. I can picture it now. We'll all have a stack of DACs for different formats, sampling rate groups, tube and transistor, DSD, PCM and on and on.    

I would like to hear DSD with 5.6mhz sample rate though. Compared to 24/192 PCM, everything I've heard from SACD sounds funny. I'm assuming what I don't like about it is a by-product of the DSD process. But not sure.

Michael Lavorgna's picture

That one DAC will do for everyone except those people who believe they need more.

Kal Rubinson's picture

DSD stereo, I assume.  No mention of multichannel, was there?


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According to the manual you are (unfortunately) correct - DSD appears to be limited to 2 ch.

Kal Rubinson's picture

I figured so.  Still, this is a multichannel digital receiver with all the hardware needed, and the decoding algorithms have been developed.  All we need is for Pioneer (or someone) to bother putting it in.