Pick 6! A New AudioStream Series

The basic organizational approach of AudioStream centers around hardware, software and music. According to various tracking methods, so far posts concerning music are not as popular as software which are not as popular as hardware. So I've decided to launch a new and ongoing music series titled - Pick 6! because music is, in the end, the point of the software and hardware we talk about here on AudioStream.

The idea is simple—pick 6 of your favorite music downloads, email me your list including a link to the source, and I'll publish them. Every once in a while they'll be a Pick 6! guest picker (like the first one by Stephen Mejias above) from in and around our industry.


1. Pick 6 music downloads.
2. They must be of CD or better quality (no MPs).
3. They must be legal. (here are some sources for HD Music Downloads, CD-Quality Downloads and some free and legal fare)
O and the idea is to have fun with it!

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I follow along the trails of Stephen Mejias and deckeda and start with a breach of the rules:

My Pick 1! Grateful Dead Live at Mosque on 1977-05-25
can be downloaded at archive.org (just like deckeda's Pick(6-5)!; thanks so much for pointing out this WZ gem! - the "Excitable Boy (Reprise)" really knocks me out) and is one of the finest shows that the Grateful Dead ever delivered, on May 25, 1977 at the Mosque in Richmond, VA. As mentioned earlier, the folks in charge of the Dead vault do a great job with their reissues of the soundboard recordings, and this one has just been released as Dave's Picks Volume 1 but is not (yet) available for download (so far CD only) - so count the freely downloadable MP3 version as an online teaser for the full-res thing.

Pick 2! Grateful Dead: Skull & Roses
then has to be a full-res download from the Dead's website, but boy! - which one? I choose their 1972 live selection starting with "Bertha", who remains the most important lady of the Dead universe for me (being the starting tune also of the first Dead concert I witnessed - although lately, "Althea" has grown to be just as adorable ...)

Pick 3! Roland de Lassus: Oracula
Pick 4! Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding
need to be listened to in conjunction: generate this playlist by intermingling Lassus' 12 Sibyls with Dylan's 12 tracks of his return to acoustic album (he had been booed "Judas" in concert in England for turning electric), put Lassus' "Carmina Chromatico" up front, and you have a guaranteed winner with the ladies (just in case someone wishes to follow Roy Hall's advice in Stereophile's May 2011 issue - originally directed towards SM, but good advice for any body at any time - : "Worry less, f... more.")
IMPORTANT (for the ladies' thing): Play thru iTunes with volume adjust and an overlap of 11 seconds!

Pick ! Elton John: 17-11-70
oops - breach of rule again? I cannot find a legal full-res download of this one but we need it! deckeda's choice of Warren Zevon reminded me of this classic BritMan-gone-SouthernCal-Beatles&Stones-Rocker ...

Pick ! James Blake: Limit to Your Love
Cannot find a legal full-res download of this one either, BUT WE NEED IT BADLY!  The Vinyl is out of stock ...

Pick 6! Pet Shop Boys: Electricity
Steady among my favorite lyrics: - the analog DJ's nightmare:
I take them on the road with my reel-to-reels
I'm an artist, honey, you know how that feels?
Call it performance, call it art
I call it disaster if the tapes don't start"

... showing up here because that DJ's Angst is now permanently averted thanks to audiostream.com!