Pedagogical Lexicography of Audiophilia, Condensed

Figure 1.

BradleyP's picture is preceded with the word "literally." THAT'S imaginitive audio writing. On the other hand, it's cool to have a hobby that literally produces the effect figuratively.

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Once at CES, I was walking down a hallway behind a couple of attendees. One looked over at the other and said (I kid you not,) "I have to take you to the Silbatone room. The sound is so good, I literally shit my pants."

I literally did a spit take with my beverage.

You are right about the hilarity of 'literally!'

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Probably not appropriate but I was left to think that if those teeth bounced 3 feet, things might not be so comfortable on that seat and the mouthing would be very realistic. Sorry for my odd humour.........

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Are you Ok? I am beginning to get a bit worried.

Seriously, RIGHT ON! LOL