The Party @ Coup de Foudre

photo credit: Jonathan Halpern

The folks at Coup de Foudre sure know how to throw a party which makes me think they surely know how to party. While our gracious hosts Jennifer Cytrynbaum and Graeme Humfrey were too busy hosting to join in the festivities, I have the sneaking suspicion my thinking about this is correct. In any event, the party featured truly amazing food, wine, music and company and an overall atmosphere of good spirits in any and every sense you can think of. Everyone I spoke to and saw felt or looked as if they were floating every so slightly above the floor.

a piece of the studio (photo credit: Jonathan Halpern)

Coup de Foudre also houses Graeme Humfrey's recording studio where we got to listen to a few tracks of the work that goes on in there. I don't know about you but I find finding a recording studio tucked inside a hi-fi shop to be a very good omen.

Graeme Humfrey in profile (photo credit: Jonathan Halpern)

Danny Labrecque also of CdF (and one very nice and knowledgeable guy) with Jennifer Cytrynbaum (photo credit: Jonathan Halpern)

Art Dudley (photo credit: Jonathan Halpern)

It's always a pleasure to see and spend time with Stereophile's Art Dudley. And I got to see how that feels from both sides a few times during SSI 2012 as a number of exhibitors and attendees mistook me for him. Some of these greetings from attendees were positively bubbling with excitement over the prospect that these very happy people were meeting their favorite writer (they were also very kind when masking disappointment). But I must admit that after about the 3rd or 4th time the charm began to wear off and the pleading of some Exhibitors, "Art you have to go to room..." made me grateful for being not Art.

not Art Dudley talking to the ever-genial Jeff Joseph (that's his back) with Luke Manley making a cameo stage right (photo credit: Jonathan Halpern)

All in all I'd call the party at Coup de Foudre a resounding success and I hope I'm fortunate enough to experience another one.

photo credit: Jonathan Halpern

And finally, a big thank you to Jonathan Halpern for acting as surrogate photographer.

Jonathan Halpern (photo credit: Erik Fortier)

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Is that a Leica in Jonathan's happy mitts? 

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Great photos to complement a great report. Is that some kind of wild keg to the right of Graeme Humfrey?

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But it only held...water and I didn't see any fish other than the ones we ate.