Paradigm Shift A2 Revised! (and maybe revisited)

No, not my review, the speakers. I've been informed by Caster Communications, the company that handles PR for Paradigm and others, that the Paradigm Shift A2 will get a re-working to deal with their self-noise as noted in my review and others. Details on the exact changes as well as the launch date of the revised A2 Shift are currently TBD.

I view this as good, no make that great! news for all involved as the A2 has a lot going for it and with just music coming out of it the new A2 should make for a killer musical proposition. I hope I get an opportunity to review the revised version. Stay tuned.

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Seems almost like you beta-tested it for them.

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Good news. I own the Audioengine A-5+ and would be interested to read your comments comparing these well-regarded powered speakers and the new and improved version of the A2s.  Presuming the hiss (what could be more annoying?) will be absent in the new version, what's your guess as to how they compare?

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I have not heard the Audioengine A-5+ so I cannot offer a comparison.

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Just in case, if you've heard the A-5, you've essentially heard the A-5+. The feature set is slightly different, but they sound just the same to me.  So, how about the regular Paradigm Atoms?  Heard those, and if so, how do the powered speakers compare? They look to be the same speaker with or without a built-in amp. Thanks.

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Since Paradigm is re-designing the A2s, I don't think it makes sense to base any comparisons on the old version.

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Looking forward to the review, then.  Sort of boggles my mind that a company like Paradigm would release an obviously flawed speaker.  Nothing like a public review will send them back to the drawing board!