Paradigm Shift A2 Redux

Some time after my review of the self-powered Paradigm Shift A2 speakers ($279/each Ash Black Grain, $329/each Premium Finishes), Paradigm decided to re-think their design primarily to deal with the tweeter noise that I and others mentioned. Well here's the new and according to Paradigm improved Shift A2! In addition to adding some user-friendly features such as a soft mute after 30 seconds without a signal passing through and a full mute after 30 minutes of silence, the tweeter level was knocked down by 8dB.

Fortunately for Paradigm their room at CES was packed with people (I felt like I was at a party) so I did not have an opportunity to hear how much quieter they are. A follow-up review is in the works and I'm very much looking forward to the Shift A2's quieter return.

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An 8db cut in output reads like the thing would be very "soft" up top, without corresponding match in woofer reduction output? Or perhaps they mean only part of the tweeter's response is 8db down now.

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these speakers and I can hear a slight hissing noise from the tweeter when I'm about an inch away from it.  I unplugged the RCA inputs, just to make sure there was nothing coming from my DAC.  I don't have the volume turned up that high, they are sitting at around 10 O'Clock at most.

I'm wondering if getting a better power cable will make any difference or getting some kind of line conditioner will make any difference.  Pangea has power cables from Audio Adviser that have those plugs on the end as well as adapters.

I haven't tried them, but was wondering if anyone has figured out how to make them absolutely quiet.  I am using Transparent The Link interconnects and I have to say it is a HUGE improvement, so anyone with these speakers, definitely check these cables out if you have a chance.  It made the top end more smooth, extended the bottom end and with certain recordings, it's actually pretty scary how low these things go when not even turned up that loud.

I am using mine with a Meridian Director DAC as well as switching between Audirvana and Amarra s/w, but I mostly use Audirvana since the keyboard works, so I can control volume/stop/start/next track, etc. with my Mac Keyboard.

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I just got these too and since I ordered online, out of the two I got, one was revised and one wasn't, which I found very strange. I do find that the unrevised one has a hissing noise at idle, which isn't THAT big of a deal but I wonder if Paradigm would send me a new one under warranty or something. Which version do you have?


I may check out the transparent interconnect.

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Yeah, call Paradigm or the store that you bought them from.

The Transparent Cables were a great upgrade, if you can afford them, but for the price (depending on the lengths you need), they are probably the best ones to use, if you can afford higher end ones, go for it, but the The Link are definitely a great sounding cable.

What DAC are you using?