OraStream Digital Long-Play (DLP) App

It’s an app, its an album, its a playlist, its music, and its free (until December 2012). If you own an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (requires iOS 4.2 or later) run don't walk to the iTunes Store and download the free OraStream DLP app. Once you do you'll be streaming from a very cool selection of tunes courtesy of Concord Music Group from artists including Miles Davis, Derrick Morgan, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, The Smokin' Joe Kubek Band Featuring Bnois King, Bill Evans and more. Better yet, you'll be streaming in near-CD-quality (I'm streaming at 510 kbps right now ymmv).

Let's let OraStream tell us more about the DLP:

This is a music playlist within an app. Cloud servers adapt audio playback according to bandwidth available to your player device.This means you'll get to listen to smooth, uninterrupted music delivered at the best audio fidelity your network can support.

Besides the superb sound tracks provided by Concord Music Group, Inc., don't miss out the accompanying track notes. They certainly helped us learn and better appreciate the performing artists and their wonderful music.

With DLPs, music lovers can access a vast catalog of high-quality music albums while on the move. No large downloads, no network interruptions, no monthly subscriptions. And most of all, an unprecedented standard for audiophile music up to 192kHz/24 bit

• Audiophile music quality - with DLPs, expect only the best. Your music is delivered in perfect clarity as the master recordings from the studio, up to 192kHz/24 bit

• No large downloads – unlike music tracks that are downloaded onto a user’s computer, DLP tracks are delivered to users on-the-fly

• No network interruptions – unlike current digital music formats, DLPs adapt to network bandwidth to deliver up to lossless quality and continuous playback, even in “offline” situations

• No monthly subscriptions – unlike current streaming music services, which music is only available for as long as you pay, access to DLPs is permanent and typically via a one-time purchase, much like buying a CD

• Discover and interact more - with built-in rich-media liner notes and integration to social media, discover more about your favorite band or artiste and share your comments with friends and fans alike

Powered by MPEG-4 SLS, OraStream automatically monitors and optimizes network bandwidth on your iOS device to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted and high-resolution streaming experience.
Pretty impressive, no? Even better, stick your Apple Camera Connection Kit adapter into your iPad, run your USB cable to your DAC and stream at CD-quality through your hi-fi.

While the future of OraStream's DLP technology remains to be written mainly in terms of available content, the present offering sure sounds better than good.

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Do you know if this app is also going to be made avialable for Apple Mac OSX Lion?


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Thank you for the info about this great app.. streaming right now.. using Airplay in my iPad and my Pioneer VSX-1021.. 

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@jvlata; if you are streaming at 512 kbps, go to app settings; find the OraStream app settings and change live stream to lossless.

The next upgrade (next week) will set default at lossless - this version defaults at 512 kbps.

Glad you like it - there will be 2 more CMG playlists added in next week.

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Done.. Streaming "Ray Barreto, Carnaval" at 985Kbps.. wow..Thank you!

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@jneber; you could access the CMG music tracks (found in the CMG app) at www.orastream.com/discover on your Apple Mac.

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Been listening to this for a few months now. It really is the "cat's meow" with a mix of classical (Telarc) and Jazz (Concord). i have 4 albums now...and all for FREE.

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I currently have a non-network receiver and am running SCS as my music server for my SB touch. I also have an Apple Laptop but currently so not have it doing any music related work. What would be the easiest way to stream from ORA to my touch or receiver?


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The OraStream DLP decodes the MPEG4-SLS stream before playback. It can't be streamed out of iOS device in compressed SLS format, only PCM format.


Best way is to use a USB DAC (at home, I use one from Nuforce).

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On the OraStream app, end-users decide how they'd like to listen to their music. For those whose downloaded the app, please note that you can personalize the OraStream app settings (in Settings app) to suit your own preferences:


a) Playlist view - the "Wall" mode is the default - while this is aesthetically appealing, you could  toggle this off if you prefer a normal "Table" view;


b) Cache stream quality - the cache stream stores a copy of the playlists for listening  off-line. You can toggle between 64 kbps, 128 kbps and 192 kbps bit rates; the higher the setting, the higher the audio quality (and higher storage used in the mobile device);


c) Live stream quality - the live stream plays when you are connected to the network (on-line). You can toggle between 256 kbps, 512 kbps, and lossless quality; the higher the setting, the higher the audio quality (and higher data bandwidth usage);


We recommend setting at lossless when connected to wi-fi networks which generally don't attract high data plan charges by your mobile services provider. 


d) Network adaptive - This switches off network adaptive streaming. We don't recommend turning this off unless you are always connected on a very fast network, say a 4G-network that has consistently fast connectivity.


We're hooked on the music listening experience on our iOS devices with OraStream; hope you'd enjoy it too!

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Well I'll have to look into a dac but on another note I was able to connect to my Prius by bluetooth with my Iphone and stream Ora directly to my car stereo with full control and music track info and the audio quality was great! Is there a possiblity that you are using your phones data plan when using in this way? how do you know whether you are playing music from the cach?

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Yes, the device is connecting to 3G cellular connection in the car. You can tell if it is streaming live or playing the cache as is displayed on the player. 

It isn't a good thing but it will play cache continuously in airplane mode ....which means you can't take calls or messages....better to set live stream at 512 kbps if you're on restrictive cellular data plan.