Oppo Sonicas

I'm thinking I should get in a small herd of one-box players for a big-ol' roundup review and the Oppo Sonica Grand ($699) would certainly be on that list. While I did not get a good listen here, Oppo's reputation suggests these are worth a closer look.

There's also a smaller version, the Sonica ($299) for those looking for less.

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Please don't! There are two many better and more interesting products & topics to devote attention to. E.g. The Chord DAVE, the new Auralic Altair and Polaris, good Roon servers and how to optimize them, etc etc.

Leave these lifestyle boomboxes to the mainstream consumer electronic press to discuss for the mass market who values convenienc over sound quality. Life's too short.

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Please do. I have many non-audio friends who want something without spending a lot of money. I too am interested in "auxiliary" devices to use in other rooms. So I would find these reviews interesting and useful much as I do for other gear.

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They all offer mediocre sound to one degree or another, sound quality not being that important to their prospective audience and intended use - background listening. So just choose the user interface ecosystem you prefer, with Sonos & Bluesound leading the pack as far as useability and features. If you want Pandora, get Sonos (BS doesn't have it for now).

There - saved Michael the time and effort. Next.....

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...to know what you're talking about when talking ;-)

The idea that people like Paul Barton, who has a hand in the design of Bluesound speakers, is not concerned about sound quality is simply wrong.

It's also the case that more and more people who *are* concerned with sound quality, want to add additional systems in other rooms. These products address that need so I think a review would be of value to these people in addition to those looking to get into our hobby.

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Actually I've met Paul, discussed in person the goals and technology implemented, and sell his gear - So I do have more than the laypersons understanding.

What he & NAD have achieved is certainly a better step towards quality sound vs say Sonos equivalent. And the Bluesound powered speakers sound decent. But considering two are necessary for stereo, even a very modest additional investment in an NAD integrated and PSBs least expensive monitor speakers will offer better sound. This is what we in the industry should be promoting to those with more than a passing interest in good sound vs the greatest convenience route.

Ultimately the goal is greater enjoyment of more music - but we shouldn't overly lower the bar towards that. We've already suffered more than a decade of ear bud compressed mp3 driven decline to give up on the beginnings of modest improvement in mass market sound.

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...of what I should review on AudioStream?

You'll have to beg really hard to change it ;-)

"...and sell his gear"
If this is the case, I'd ask that you identify yourself, by name, as well as your affiliation to your business in your signature on every comment. - Thanks.
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I meant differ re : my "ignorance". Plenty of us industry insiders read your page - which says something about our esteem for you and your content.

When you kicked off the post I thought you might be inviting comment about reviewing a bunch of powered speakers. I think your core readership would prefer effort expended elsewhere - but of course you would know better about that.

No worries - I'll keep visiting even if I skip that article - something I'm sure you won't lose any sleep over ;)

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But please include your full name and company in your signature for all of your comments if you are 'in the business'. One good example for the reason this is a requirement here is if you do in fact sell gear, like Bluesound, one could read your comment on the Schiit post as biased since they sell direct.
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I am streaming iTunes via AirPlay to 4 rooms in my home... shitty to say the least. This includes an Airport connected to the Aux input of an old Bose Wave Radio. I also have HD setup from my PC... nothing fancy. BUT, I hear the difference and want the quality BUT not the expense in other rooms. This class of product represents the next (potential) step to improve. So for me, Michael help me understand how to move from MP3/iTunes to mid-level HD in every room.