Onkyo HF Player App Offers 24/192 and DSD for iOS Devices!

Onkyo has come out with an app for the iOS devices that allows playback of PCM files at rates up to 24/192 and DSD (DSD files are converted to PCM prior to playback or sent as DoP):
Users seeking the ultimate in high-resolution audio performance can make an in-app HF Player Pack purchase (US$9.99) to enable FLAC, DSD, WAV, and AIFF playback of up to 192 kHz with 24-bit sampling (these files are loaded via a simple drag-and-drop operation on an iTunes-equipped PC prior to synchronization). This in-app purchase also enables selectable upsampling from 44.1 kHz to a possible 192 kHz, and an HD phase-linear equalizer with an incredible 20,000 bands of adjustment in 64-bit mode.
You can get the free Onkyo HF Player App in the iTunes Store. In order to play back 24/192 and DSD files, you also need to purchase the Onkyo HD Player Pack ($9.99) which you can do from within the free app.

And you can read the entire press release here.

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Onkyo.  One never knows, do one?

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Does anyone actually know what the maximum data rate is on the DAC's on any of the iDevices? Personally, I would be very surprised if it supported anything above 24/96 (I don't think my Android can even do that).


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...for the iPad and I believe the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter for the iPhone 5 will also work to get digital out so you can use an external DAC.

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Just Purchased the HF app... working without glitch..played 96/24 and 192/24 on my iPhone 5s..and I just added a DSD file.. Suzie Daines - Love is Absolutely Free (dsf) Played on PCM and DoP sound fantastic!

Make sure you read the " Show Audio File Transfer Guide" from the app.. 

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I edited the first paragraph to reflect DoP functionality.


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You'll need to send the digital out as Michael says via a dongle to an external DAC in order to realize a benefit.

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It's iTunes that limits output to 16/48, not the DACs in iOS devices...this app circumvents that limitation. 

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... for clarifying. I knew it was some part of the puzzle. More than one manufacturer has (or had) come out with an external DAC limited to 16-bit with the reason being "that's all the device will output."

Maybe those manufacturers should hire a software developer and make a competing app to Onkyo's, or maybe the DACs are merely good but not great and the better files are of dubious value here. I'm off to find out ...

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But some will play it. Light Harmonic has the Geek playing Hi-Rez files from an Android phone. I think Larry Ho said it was 24-192 anyway. Looks like on a Galaxy S3 or S4.


Hopefully only a matter of time before everything plays Hi-Rez just as easy as MP3. Technology just needs to catch up a bit.

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An iOS app, for use with iOS devices ... and it doesn't support Apple Lossless?

Is it just me, or is that mind-blowingly dumb?

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Playing ALAC 96/24 with no problem!

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Nope, not just you.

If true, it's a major omission-

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Playing native DSD (Kenny Burrell's Midnight Blue via DoP with the Onkyo app.....sounds fabulous! 

Also, JA at RMAF said that the DACs in iPods and iOS devices will support higher output higher than 16/48, but that it was the iTunes that does not. 

That's no longer an issue with this app...

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iTunes does only sync files up to 44k1 / 48k with 16 / 24 Bit, but not higher.

I haven't yet tested Onkyo HF Player, because I am out of office for some days, so I can report only about FLAC Player. With FLAC Player you could import PCM Files up to 192k / 24 Bit. These files could be played back on your iOS device with the internal DAC, but only up to 48k, the “rest” is downward sampled. But via CCK (Camera Connection Kit), you can bring out those files natively to your outboard USB DAC. Last week I have tested this with 5 different iOS 7.0.2 running devices and could get 44k1, 48k, 88k2, 96, 176k4 and 192k files with 16 and 24 Bit natively out in digital form. And the nice thing is, that this is working also with asynchronous USB inputs, so you end up with a Bit True and “Jitterfree” sort of Digital Out of your iOS devices.

Tested this with adaptive mode and asynchronous mode USB inputs. I haven't tested 384k / 24 Files with FLAC Player yet and I haven't tested DSD files with Onkyo HF Player.yet, but I will do, when time allows me to do.


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I thought I read somewhere at the Web that audio output with CCK is blocked since iOS 6 release, anyway it's nice to know that it still works with iOS 7.0.2. 

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Noobie here.  Thanks for all the info.  Player works great.  I tried it thru USB on my Alpine car stereo and noticed a 48 above the PCM that has not been there before.  Can only think that iPhone is limited to 48 in this case. (FLAC file).  I will try the CCK kit to hopefully take advantage of the Alpine's wolfson DAC.  Any other guidance?? Thanks

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The iPhone audio output is limited by hardware in the DAC to 48khz. I think this is true of iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and not sure about iPhone 5S ' limits.


However, I believe the digtal output is not limited. So if you go into an external DAC using the CCK and a powered USB hub (not sure which USB powered hub works as mine is not working with it).


I started a thread on the forum about iphone 5 + meridian explorer + Onkyo