The NY Times Press Play

The NY Times recently got into the streaming music game offering up a new album each week in its entirety for free. These streaming releases are exclusive, or so they say, so Press Play is worth checking out, regularly.

I was originally drawn to the Press Play page in search of the new album by CocoRosie Tales Of A GrassWidow which is, as one would expect from the Casady sisters, amply quirky. And while I enjoy streaming Tales Of A GrassWidow, trying to buy the lossless download has proven a tad difficult since its only available from Boomkat or Qobuz (as far as I can find) and if you live in the US of A you're out of luck. Hmmm.

Other Press Play albums include Tony Bennett and Dave Brubeck The White House Sessions, Live 1962, Bill Frisell's Big Sur, and the French actress/model turned chanteuse Lou Doillon's Places.

Check out The NY Times Press Play right here.

rtrt's picture

surprised that i can stream from the UK - good stuff thanks

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Wasn't on MOG. It still isn't. 

Zakir's picture

And not a bad selection either. The 30 second amazon-type samples are definitely a thing of the past!

Another place where one can check out interesting stuff at, is Nextbop, which features the newest tendencies in Jazz and the younger generation of cats. They have a little Radio feature that allows you to play full tracks from releases fresh out of the oven.

Another cool place to check out what's happening out there, is Fluid Radio. Dedicated to more experimental stuff, it is a great site to make quirky discoveries.

If you want to stay tuned with the mind blowing musical scene of Norway, Guttorm Andreasen's Radio program 99 minutes is already a classic. All previous episodes are available for listening as well. And no fear, it's in English.

For a fullblown musical safari, I would highly recommend Lucy Duran's Radio program, World Routes, at the BBC, which already has already amassed a vast archive of sounds from all over the world.